Deep Cleaning Your Grill

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We Deep Clean Your Grill

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Memphis BBQ Cleaning Service

Our specialty is the cleaning and repair of the outdoor BBQ-grill, I offer a service built to each needs of your BBQ-grill, I will deep clean all components of your grill and everything is clean on site. I have vast knowledge and experience. I ensure your grill will be better, safer, and healthier for your enjoyment. We are an upscale company providing V.I.P quality service to our exceptional Nevada residents.

We ensure your grill will be cleaner, safer, and healthier for your enjoyment.

Polished upon completion of service!

Cleaning and Inspection of the Following:

Hood & Thermometer

Rotisserie Rack, Pull-Out Trays, Rods and Forks

Control Knobs, Burners & Catch Pans

Drip Pans, Igniters, & Grease Traps

Grill Racks, Grates & Flavorizer Bars

Heating Plates or Briquettes

Venturi Tubes & Pressure Regulator

Gas Lines and Hoses.

All components will be inspected prior to cleaning; any malfunctions will be reported immediately. Unit will be re-inspected again after cleaning to ensure unit is working properly.